We help
tech enabled brands communicate with humans.

Self is a creative and venture  studio, focused on technology powered companies and personas. We communicate through PR and advertising campaigns, content and digital media and investor relations.🩸

Our Portfolio.

Our mission is to organise and tell the storiesof the world’s best founders.


Brand strategy

We work with clients to develop branding that goes beyond design and touches on their tone, what they say and how they say it.

Content strategy

We build content that can explain your mission, your purpose and what makes you unique. We don’t tell stories per se; we communicate.


Public relations

We craft messages. We use them to create thought leadership, PR strategy and execution, story development and placement in tech and mainstream press.

Crisis management

We respond to crisis incidents, monitor press and social channels for negative sentiment, and guide the response proactively and empathically.


Social conversations

We manage, grow, create content for, and nurture social channels, engaging with customers and audiences and monitoring conversations.

Community management

We grow engagement, content and channel focused communities around products, platforms, movements and ideas.

“Joan’s work with us through Studio Self was creative, effective and impactful. Working on a short timeframe and a tight deadline, she was able to weave an engaging narrative around our work, including coverage in The Australian.”



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Webflow QA Specialist

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