Our Story.

Our ethos is: nothing should be shared that does not provide value. We absolutely mean it. Every little thing that we emit out into the universe needs to provide value to those who are consuming our content. We won’t stand for anything else.

Our aim is to bring a creative approach to the way technology companies tell their story — we’re about communicating things that your readers care about and find interesting. Not the other way around. And because we speak the tech language and have creative flair, we were made for this. Hell, we were born out of the stuff.

We’re not ‘different from the others’, We are the other.

We only work with technology companies who are revolutionising super important shit. Think maggots that munch through food waste and remove greenhouse gases caused by agriculture out of the atmosphere. Or the most well-known name in the Covid-19 contact tracing scene, used by businesses and the Australian government alike.

With my background in programming, coding and tech startups, I set out to find clients who are making a huge impact in their respective fields, through actual technology. When I taught myself how to code in C++ at 13 years old, I didn’t do it to be a part of a hype machine. My simple rule is this: No dog-walking marketplaces. No bullshit.

- Joan Westenberg


years of experience

Self founder Joan Westenberg started her career on Myspace. That's 15 years of content, comms and messaging. We belong in every top 8.


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We have announced over $25,000,000 in startup venture capital funding in the past 12 months alone. We're a leading name in media and investor relations.

Founded in 2019

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